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Burr IST develop and maintain a suite of products that allow our customers to manage, access and report on their data – making the best use of all of an organisation’s data. ┬áMost organisations spend a significant amount of money and effort capturing data about their business and transactions but don’t capitalise on the information they hold.

Burr ISTs products allow that data to be accessed ad-hoc and on demand to answer all the questions important to an organisation as they change over time.

  1. SQL Hub Logo

    SQL Hub

    See all of your information in one place – Use our simple and intuitive dashboard to merge SQL databases across your organisation swiftly and efficiently.

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  2. XSL Report Templates Studio

    XSL Report Studio

    Using our online WYSIWYG editor, XSL Report Studio allows you to easily produce XSL templates you can drop into your mobile apps, web site or any application to provide embedded reporting functionality.

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  3. JetViewer Query and Report Tool Logo


    JetViewer plugs into your databases allowing you to browse, query and report on all of your organisation’s information in a simple and user friendly format.

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